Turface Athletics® Donates Materials for Softball Field Renovation Project

February 10, 2020


Turface Athletics® partnered with Project EverGreen and the Sports Turf Managers Association  (STMA) to renovate and upgrade the softball fields at Howard Park in West Palm Beach, Florida, in conjunction with the annual STMA conference.

Project EverGreen and the STMA provided expert guidance to the City of West Palm Beach Parks and Recreation Department as well as local volunteers on the project. Turface Athletics donated several tons of field conditioner and mound clay, as well as an entire truckload of infield mix to the project.

The fields at Howard Park are a hub for the community, but due to the heavy usage they receive, the diamonds were in desperate need of a renovation to become a safe and sustainable playing surface.

“Strong neighborhoods need strong parks, including ballfields,” said Jeff Langner, business manager for Turface Athletics. “We are thrilled to be able to help this community revitalize such an important part of their activity space, and the use of Turface products helps ensure these facilities are safe and playable for all of the athletes that participate in youth activities.”

Project EverGreen, a national nonprofit devoted to creating a greener, healthier, cooler Earth, and the STMA put the donated Turface Athletics materials to good use. Just a few of the improvements made to the facility were:

  • Leveling and refurbishing the softball infield
  • Re-grading the warning track to eliminate unsafe high spots, fill in low spots and eliminate weeds
  • New layouts and rebuilding of the pitcher’s mound, batter’s boxes and catcher’s box
  • Installation of a new home plate
  • Topdressing of the infield with two tons of conditioner

STMA provided more than 70 professional sports turf managers on site to oversee the project and provide their expert guidance on the work.

For more information, please contact Jenna Jaynes, Swanson Russell, 
402-437-6406, jennaj@swansonrussell.com