Turface Athletics™ Introduces ProLine™ Athletic Field Marker

December 15, 2015

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. – Turface Athletics™ has introduced ProLine™ Athletic Field Marker, a new, easy-flowing line marker that is ideal when preparing baseball and softball fields for play. 

ProLine, specially formulated with finely crushed white calcium carbonate (limestone), features a bright white color for high visibility on athletic surfaces. It is designed to be easy flowing for consistent coverage, and the formula is non-caking and non-caustic and will not harm the eyes or skin. A 50-pound bag will stripe approximately 300 feet of a 3-inch wide and 1/16-inch thick line.

“Groundskeepers have trusted Turface Athletics for more than 50 years and ProLine is the first-ever line marker that meets our high standards of quality,” said Jeff Langner, brand manager for Turface Athletics. “We designed it to be easy for groundskeepers to use and have a maximum visual impact on any athletic surface.” 

Made from 100 percent crushed calcium carbonate, the manufacturing process for ProLine is certified by ISO standards to ensure consistent particle size and purity in every bag. ProLine complies with National Collegiate Athletic Association and National Federation of State High School Associations official rules and Official Little League handbook regulations.

To learn more about Turface ProLine, visit www.turface.com.