How Do You Get Fields to Drain?

Surface drainage is very important in keeping the field playable. The pitching mound is the highest point on a baseball diamond and the field should slope away from the mound in all directions EXCEPT TOWARD HOME PLATE. THE FIELD SHOULD BE FLAT BETWEEN THE MOUND AND HOME PLATE WITH A SLOPE OR GRADE TOWARD THE FOUL LINES.

The slope away from the mound on the infield should be about a 1/2 percent. The infield should be higher than the outfield and the outfield should be sloped at 1 to 1 1/2 percent toward the outfield fence and also toward the foul lines or sloped toward drainage lines or catch basins.

Hiring a qualified sports field contractor that uses laser-grading equipment is the best investment you will make in constructing or renovating your baseball field. Laser grading your infields before each season, along with conditioning your infield soil with Turface® will keep your field playable in the rain and maximize athletic performance and safety.