How To Remove Puddles and Wet Areas

It is important to utilize a product specially designed to absorb infield puddles. Turface® Quick Dry® is just such a product. It is sized for greater surface area to eliminate puddles instantly and will not harden when dry. It will work over and over.

Puddle Prevention

Proper grading and daily maintenance will help eliminate low spots. Bring in more infield mix to level the area. Tamp or roll these areas to match the firmness of the surrounding soil. 

How To Correct Low Areas Where Water Puddles

You will need to fill in the low spot with the same material you have in the entire infield. Do a soil test to determine your sand/silt/clay mixture in your field and test the material you are adding to make sure they match. Then, incorporate about 20 percent Turface MVP® or Pro League® Elite™ into the mix to absorb water during rains. Pack and level the area so the low spot is removed, then topdress to match the rest of the playing surface.

Large Puddles

Fill a 1" hose with water, surround the puddle, and pull the water while minimizing mud trapped off the back edge of the skinned infield. Sponge rollers also work well. Then, spread your conditioner to soak up any remaining water. Rake into the infield mix. This process will keep your field level and will minimize the amount of infield material pulled into your turf.

Pour on Turface Quick Dry and let it absorb the water and mud.

After 10 minutes, rake the area thoroughly.

Left: The area after using Turface Quick Dry


Watch this video on eliminating infield puddles and mud as well as minimizing puddles from forming.

Tips From the Pros on Puddle Prevention

Larry DiVito, Head Groundskeeper of the Minnesota Twins:

  • Maintain grade around bases and in player positions and fill low spots with infield mix and Turface MVP or Pro League
  • Turface Quick Dry works over and over again
  • Remove the puddle as soon as possible to prevent area from getting saturated
  • Minimize or remove lips so water can drain away from skinned areas
  • Keep the infield moisture level lower when rain is expected
  • Keep mounds and home plate areas covered since these high clay areas are the hardest to dry out

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