How to Use Soil Conditioners to Manage Moisture in Infields

A category of products that has had the most impact on field safety and playability is soil conditioners. As a broad group they are designed to serve as moisture management tools. More specifically to help maintain moisture deep in the infield mix and to help remove excess moisture in wet conditions.

There are many material types that are identified as soil or infield conditioners. The most effective infield conditioners on the market are Turface® MVP® and Pro League® Elite™. Their porous structure absorbs water efficiently and it takes over 20 years to degrade just 3 percent. Crushed aggregates, vitrified clay (shale), brick dust, diatomaceous earth and calcined clay are all marketed as infield conditioners. Sadly there are no specifications or minimum standards that must be met to be classified as an infield conditioner. Essentially any product that can absorb any water or have water adhere to its surface can be marketed for this use. Conditioners that absorb and release the largest volumes of water without degrading are the best choice.