The Turface Difference - Absorption

Managing moisture

Turface® calcined clay is a moisture management tool, used in conjunction with sound management practices, to prevent fields from becoming oversaturated and slick, as well as dried out and hard. Many people ask, “How can a product be used to dry a field and at the same time retain moisture?” 

It’s best to envision the calcined clay particles like tiny sponges, full of small pores or internal storage sites. Turface boasts 74% internal porosity and can absorb its weight in water. When Turface particles are exposed to water, the moisture is absorbed into the internal storage sites.  

So when it rains, excess water is sucked away from the infield clay and absorbed inside the Turface particle, helping to eliminate rainouts. This will continue until a balance has been reached between the moisture in the infield mix and the moisture inside of the Turface particle.  

As time passes and the field begins to dry, the Turface particle gradually releases the stored moisture back into the surrounding infield mix. Turface helps keep the moisture level at just the right amount, and for a longer period of time than other mixes. When Turface reaches “field capacity” or can’t hold any more water, it allows the excess to drain through. In fact, Turface drains faster than sand. The result is a product that can be added to the infield mix to help manage water and store moisture deep in the soil profile, time and time again.